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In Somerset Lane Tarlac, then community is carefully secured with a perimeter wall that extends all round. At the top of this wall is an electric fencing added for extra security.

The developer is much more conscious about the well being of people here and if you become one of the privileged homeowners at Somerset Lane Tarlac, you will undoubtedly enjoy these amenities. 

The endless opportunities presented by this development assures you of quality leisure without even having to go out of this development. This is particularly exciting for senor citizens and young families that would want to spend most of their time with Somerset Lane Tarlac. At the entrance, there is a strong gate built with modern designs that welcomes you into this beautiful development. The entrance is manned by 24-hour security teams that ensure everyone else here is safe and the external environment poses no threat at all. Not because this area is insecure, but the assurance of an extra layer of security over and above what the city offers is a good idea. 

The swimming pool on this property is made to the industry standards. Actually, it is a collection of pools from kiddie pools to adult pools. This separation of facilities ensure that you enjoy maximum fun as your children also have their share. The swimming pool is well taken care of by a dedicated attendant who cleans and manages the goings on around here. Because of pool safety issues, the area is usually locked when not in use and its usage is monitored to the best outcome of every community member. 

The clubhouse strategically located on the development is an excellent facility for social interactions. Here, you can have your community meetings, catch up with a friend, or workout in the gym facilities. The clubhouse is always with people because of the facilities it has inside. If you are not an indoor person as much, there is a basketball court and picnic hut that you can visit. At the court, you will always find people playing either for leisure or as part of local competitions. If you have the energy and the interest, you can as well participate. The garden, play areas, and parks are some of the best places to relax at Somerset Lane Tarlac. These areas are quiet and really beautiful. You can congregate with your family and have lunch in the garden or alternatively just catch up as your kids play. 

Other social amenities that are worth mentioning are the reliable power supply, water distribution, and sewerage disposal systems. The electricity is supplied by the national grid, but there is a backup power system and a generator. For the water distribution, the piping is totally underground and well-distributed to ensure every house has sufficient water. There are also water harvesting facilities around to tap into the monsoon rains. 

  • Swimming pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball court
  • Garden
  • Parks and play areas
  • Gazebo
  • Picnic hut
  • Bath house
  • Multipurpose court
  • Children's playground
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