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One of the key selling points of Somerset Lane Tarlac is its strategic location and accessibility through the MacArthur Highway. This Highway is also referred to as the Manila North Road and measures 500 km in length. It is also one of the oldest, dating back to 1928 when sections of it were done by the American colonialists. Using this route to access Somerset Lane Tarlac is highly convenient because of its 2 to 6 lane road surface which means traffic flows smoothly always. 

The public transport system that services the area around Somerset Lane Tarlac is efficient and works 24/7.  There are pretty comfortable bus lines such as Victory Liner, Genesis Transport, and Five Star. In addition, you can access this development through the Subic-Clark Expressway. This expressway has 4 lanes and a total of 93.77 km in length. It is a fully government-owned and controlled project and was started in 2005. It is also the longest expressway in the country and began operations in 2008 after the Clark-Tarlac segment and the Subic-Clark segment were opened. When you are on this expressway and you want to get to Somerset Lane Tarlac, you can use either the La Paz or Luisita exits. 

On the education front, Somerset Lane Tarlac boasts of some of the best institutions including a university. This is particularly important because it means you won’t struggle as much get a school for your children or even yourself as you think advancing in your career. One of the institutes that has gained regional fame is Don Bosco Technical Institute. This facility is just 0.95 km from Somerset Lane Tarlac. This is a catholic pre-school, primary, and high school education facility admitting only male students. It is the first Don Bosco school built in the Philippines and was established in 1951. Among the courses offered here include drafting, computer studies, and electronics. 

The second institution is a university known as Tarlac State University. It is just 1.2 km from Somerset Lane Tarlac. This is a public university setup in 1906. It has gained reputation as an academic institution offering quality higher learning training. At the moment, it has 3 campuses with a student population of close to 16,000. Among the courses you can enroll for here include technology, engineering, education, business and accountancy, computer studies, law, public administration, arts and social sciences among others.   

Apart from the excellent education facilities, Somerset Lane Tarlac also prides itself as being closer to the best shopping malls in Philippines. Here, you will find lots of products from different brands both locally and internationally. The presence of the malls have transformed shopping and given Tarlac City a commercial angle from which to approach development. Because the malls operate up to late night, you can find a convenient time for shopping or even dining with your family. Some of the notable malls include the Metro Mall which is 0.9 km from here, the SM City Tarlac which is a magnificent shopping complex just 2.1 km from here. McDonalds and Uniwide are 1.3 and 2.9 km respectively from Somerset Lane Tarlac.

Other landmarks include Jackson’s Medical Center which offers various treatment services including emergencies and nursing care. It is 950 meters from the development. If you are looking for a place where you can worship and just have a quiet time with God, San Sebastian Cathedral is 950 meters from Somerset Lane Tarlac.


  • Uniwide – 2.9 km
  • McDonald's – 1.3 km
  • Don Bosco Technical Institute - 0.95 km
  • Metrotown Mall – 0.9 km
  • SM City Tarlac - 2.1 km
  • Tarlac State University - 1.2 km
  • Jecsons Medical Center - 0.95 km
  • San Sebastian Cathedral - 0.95 km
Somerset Lane Tarlac Location

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